[OT]Re: The End of Linux

Jared Buck jared.buck at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 18:12:53 UTC 2006

LOL, that guy is just talking a load of c***p.  Probably drunk wayyyy
too much vodka.  Linux is here to stay, and it being free of course,
there will always be people who won't want to buy Windoze and would be
looking for a free option.  As most Linux distros (including our
Ubuntu) are freely downloadable.  I've never had a problem with any
linux distro I've run, be it Ubuntu, Fedora Core or one of the
lesser-known distros.

On 12/6/06, John Dangler <jdangler at atlantic.net> wrote:
> That guy talks straight through his ass...
> I've been around Unix since 1976 (6 years after it's inception), and
> seen so many advances take place over the last (OMG!) 30 years, that I
> can't even count them all any more.
> So, from what this nutball is saying -
> a) Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Dec, Unisys, Cray, Sequent, Singer-Link/Harris,
> Siemens, etc - will all close up shop completely or switch their systems
> to a microshaft solution.
> b) Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Dell, IBM, Siebold, SAP, COGNOS etc
> - will stop producing every product that is implemented on a Unix/Linux
> platform and re-develop all of their personal, small business, and
> enterprise solutions with a microshaft implementation only.
> c) efforts like sourceforge, open systems alliance, OSF, FSF, etc - will
> be abandoned completely, since all microshaft products are strictly
> per-seat controlled, and no one would _ever_ get access to source code.
> d) community forums for the exchange of ideas and new product concepts
> would cease entirely, since all of our requirements and specifications
> for any and all software products/implementations would _magically
> appear_ in the next release of winbloze...
> e) It's all happening already (according to the author, this would be
> taking place in the _early 200x_).
> Ok.  Shut down this user group, because we shouldn't be talking about
> any _new_ ideas, comrades...
> On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 11:33 -0600, Wade Smart wrote:
> > 12062006 1132 GMT-6
> >
> > http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=16636
> >
> > I just read this story about how linux is on its last two feet. Some
> > good points but Im never switching back to MS even if linux totally
> > falls apart.
> >
> > Wade
> >
> >
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