Upgrading with update-manager using the CD

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You can use one of the following links to get to a mirror close to you and
download the iso:

Download Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta here (choose the mirror closest to you):

 United States:


 United Kingdom:

 Rest of the World:

Like you said you can set up the synaptics to update from the cd you create.
As far as Zimmerman said, the 'update-manager -d' does not go to iso, it
just updates the system. So far I can't update mine, keeps telling me
there's a problem with one of the archives. I might have to go your route.

On 4/20/06, Mariano Draghi <chaghi at sion.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> According to the new automatic upgrade SPEC [
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutomaticUpgrade ], it should be possible to
> trigger the upgrade process just by inserting the CD with the new
> Ubuntu release.
> Did this feature make it in the last update-manager release?
> Quoting the Use Cases of the spec:
> """
> Fred is running Breezy. He is using a fast Internet connection. When
> Dapper is released, his Update Manager notices that there's a new release
> available and that his system will have to be rebooted. Fred accepts the
> upgrade at the end of his work day, goes home, and his machine is running
> Dapper when he comes back next morning.
> Jane does not have an Internet connection, but she got a new Dapper CD-ROM
> from Shipit. She puts the disk in her drive, and the same thing happens.
> Joe has also installed Breezy by CD-ROM. He does have a low-bandwidth
> Internet connection. When Dapper is released, his system notices and
> asks him whether he wants to update. He declines, because his Internet
> connection is too slow. After a month, he too gets a new Dapper CD-ROM
> and upgrades his system just like Jane did.
> """
> As my broadband connection is not that broad, I'm particulary
> interested in the use cases for "Joe" or "Jane" ;). I was planning to
> download the ISO and make the upgrade from there. Besides, I'm
> planning to give a copy of Dapper to my brother, so it would be better
> to download the ISO once (for me to upgrade and for my brother to
> install it from scratch) instead of downloading ~680Mb of
> individual updates for me *and* a ~700Mb ISO for my brother.
> But every update procedure involving the new update-manager that I've
> read so far, deals with *downloading* the updates directly from the
> repositories, and not using a CD.
> Please, could anyone confirm if update-manager *knows* how to upgrade
> using a CD, and how is the upgrade process supposed to be triggered?
> Note: I already know that it's possible to add a CD to Synaptic and do
> an apt-get dist-upgrade from there, but I'm particulary interested in
> the upgrade using the new infraestructure, i.e., via update-manager.
> TIA,
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> Mariano
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