Upgrading with update-manager using the CD

Mariano Draghi chaghi at sion.com
Thu Apr 20 23:06:06 UTC 2006


According to the new automatic upgrade SPEC [
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutomaticUpgrade ], it should be possible to
trigger the upgrade process just by inserting the CD with the new
Ubuntu release.

Did this feature make it in the last update-manager release?

Quoting the Use Cases of the spec:
Fred is running Breezy. He is using a fast Internet connection. When Dapper is released, his Update Manager notices that there's a new release available and that his system will have to be rebooted. Fred accepts the upgrade at the end of his work day, goes home, and his machine is running Dapper when he comes back next morning.

Jane does not have an Internet connection, but she got a new Dapper CD-ROM from Shipit. She puts the disk in her drive, and the same thing happens.

Joe has also installed Breezy by CD-ROM. He does have a low-bandwidth
Internet connection. When Dapper is released, his system notices and
asks him whether he wants to update. He declines, because his Internet
connection is too slow. After a month, he too gets a new Dapper CD-ROM
and upgrades his system just like Jane did. 

As my broadband connection is not that broad, I'm particulary
interested in the use cases for "Joe" or "Jane" ;). I was planning to
download the ISO and make the upgrade from there. Besides, I'm
planning to give a copy of Dapper to my brother, so it would be better
to download the ISO once (for me to upgrade and for my brother to
install it from scratch) instead of downloading ~680Mb of
individual updates for me *and* a ~700Mb ISO for my brother.

But every update procedure involving the new update-manager that I've
read so far, deals with *downloading* the updates directly from the
repositories, and not using a CD.

Please, could anyone confirm if update-manager *knows* how to upgrade
using a CD, and how is the upgrade process supposed to be triggered?

Note: I already know that it's possible to add a CD to Synaptic and do
an apt-get dist-upgrade from there, but I'm particulary interested in
the upgrade using the new infraestructure, i.e., via update-manager.



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