Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

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Fri Apr 14 01:02:56 UTC 2006

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 22:02:58 +0200
Nicolas da Luz Duque <hot_boy at> wrote:

> Le mercredi 12 avril 2006 à 20:41 +1000, Peter Garrett a écrit :
> > Well, yes - "couldn't be easier", except that the functionality for the CD
> > burning is not intuitively obvious.
> > 
> > (Yes, I know that inserting a blank CD brings up the nautilus Burn
> > function by default)
> > 
> Yes, indeed. Very intuitive, as I said.

To you perhaps - to many people who fail to find it, not.

> > If you are starting from a set of files, and haven't pre-empted the
> > process by inserting a blank CD, you need to know that the CD burning tool
> > is accessed from "Go" in Nautilus. 
> Not at all: if a blank disk is inserted, the icon appears on your
> desktop. Then, even if you closed the dialog you can just open it like
> any folder and drag&drop into it.

*I*  know how to do it - my point was, and still is, that new users miss
this. Have you lurked on #ubuntu at all ? You'd be amazed how few people
even know the Nautilus burner exists...
> > I ask: how many people begin their
> > "burning" process by first inserting the blank disk? Would it not be more
> > usual to organise the files first and look for the tool to use to burn
> > them?
> > 
> To me it sounds pretty normal, if you want to burn a CD, to insert a
> blank one in your CD burner. If it hasn't occurred to you as such, that
> might be because you took the habit of doing it another way. I can
> assure you my old mother thinks the same as me.

That's nice. It doesn't invalidate the fact that the functionality is not
obvious to many users.
> > How is the Nautilus CD burner intuitive or obvious? Why is there not an
> > icon for it in Nautilus, until you are already "there" (the icon appears
> > miraculously only after you access burn:/// either by finding it under
> > "Go" or by typing burn:///  into the location bar. 
> > Oh, yes - the location bar is accessed by typing Ctrl+L - by default it is
> > hidden ... You might as well say "Our policy is to make it as difficult as
> > possible to find the wonderful functionality we have designed into
> > Gnome" . 
> I naively thought menus were for proposing functionalities, but I guess
> I was wrong: menus are for hiding functionalities! They lied to me all
> along! ;-)

There's nothing wrong with having it in the menu - my plea was for it to
be more obvious to a user. Hence my suggestion that the icon should be
> Like the "burn" folder, the location bar is accessible in the go menu
> (guess that one was too well hidden for you). The shortcut to access it
> faster is written just besides in the menu.

*Sigh* as I said above, and as is glaringly obvious from my post, I do
actually know how this works. My post is a criticism of the *way* it works.
> It might be a new idea for newcomers to sometimes click on menus, just
> to see how many things Gnome wants to hide from you. :-P

That's the point - many new users don't explore the menus - they expect
things to be obvious. You and I explore menus, but new users often do not.
> > All that's required, in my view, is to have the CD burning Icon permanently
> > visible in Nautilus. 
> > 
> That might be good. It's not for me to judge. But it also might clutter
> nautilus for users who don't burn CDs that often. I personally don't
> burn more than a couple a month, but I'm not the mass.

I really don't think one extra icon is "clutter" - if that's a problem,
make it configurable to remove it "ad lib"


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