Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

Nicolas da Luz Duque hot_boy at
Thu Apr 13 20:02:58 UTC 2006

Le mercredi 12 avril 2006 à 20:41 +1000, Peter Garrett a écrit :

> Well, yes - "couldn't be easier", except that the functionality for the CD
> burning is not intuitively obvious.
> (Yes, I know that inserting a blank CD brings up the nautilus Burn
> function by default)

Yes, indeed. Very intuitive, as I said.

> If you are starting from a set of files, and haven't pre-empted the
> process by inserting a blank CD, you need to know that the CD burning tool
> is accessed from "Go" in Nautilus. 

Not at all: if a blank disk is inserted, the icon appears on your
desktop. Then, even if you closed the dialog you can just open it like
any folder and drag&drop into it.

> I ask: how many people begin their
> "burning" process by first inserting the blank disk? Would it not be more
> usual to organise the files first and look for the tool to use to burn
> them?

To me it sounds pretty normal, if you want to burn a CD, to insert a
blank one in your CD burner. If it hasn't occurred to you as such, that
might be because you took the habit of doing it another way. I can
assure you my old mother thinks the same as me.

> How is the Nautilus CD burner intuitive or obvious? Why is there not an
> icon for it in Nautilus, until you are already "there" (the icon appears
> miraculously only after you access burn:/// either by finding it under
> "Go" or by typing burn:///  into the location bar. 

> Oh, yes - the location bar is accessed by typing Ctrl+L - by default it is
> hidden ... You might as well say "Our policy is to make it as difficult as
> possible to find the wonderful functionality we have designed into
> Gnome" . 

I naively thought menus were for proposing functionalities, but I guess
I was wrong: menus are for hiding functionalities! They lied to me all
along! ;-)

Like the "burn" folder, the location bar is accessible in the go menu
(guess that one was too well hidden for you). The shortcut to access it
faster is written just besides in the menu.

It might be a new idea for newcomers to sometimes click on menus, just
to see how many things Gnome wants to hide from you. :-P

> All that's required, in my view, is to have the CD burning Icon permanently
> visible in Nautilus. 

That might be good. It's not for me to judge. But it also might clutter
nautilus for users who don't burn CDs that often. I personally don't
burn more than a couple a month, but I'm not the mass.

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