Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

Erik Christiansen erik at
Thu Apr 13 01:57:51 UTC 2006

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 08:41:31PM +1000, Peter Garrett wrote:
> By the way, i use Gnome less and less - I learn more, and get more done, in
> Fluxbox - partly because I waste less time cursing the so-called Human
> interface Guidelines.


Maybe it's due to almost exclusively using Gnome to display 4 xterms,
that it chafes me only as much as all GUIs. If you chance to find the
time to jot down a few Gnome niggles, and Fluxbox benefits, then we
might follow you to freedom. :-)

Oh, thank you for the burner mini-howto in that post. I, for one, will
keep it until I find a nice crisp command-line method for throwing some
files onto a CD.


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