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Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz.chile at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 02:44:58 UTC 2006

One thing I have some doubts about it..

= Doubt One =
Afaik, LPI questions have historicaly contributed by community people
(Gentoo people have provided lots of them!). However, when people wanna
take the exams they have to sign a non-disclosure letter (they are told
once they are there with the pen and paper on the hands)

So, why community people contribute and support (I even wanted to
contribute as translator until I found out about this non-diclosure
issue) to LPI but "testers" are prohibitted to mention in any way about
the questions or format?

I mean, shouldn't LPI "official people" be able to modify questions
based on the contribtuions? Should not the questions be different from
exam to exam?

= Doubt Two =
Exams are taken in pen and paper.. why? This is a series of exams for IT

[ Please consider that these 2 doubts are based on the experience a
fellow of mine had in Chile, last year. ]


Mauricio Hernandez Z.

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