Other Distros (NOT A FLAMEWAR TOPIC!!)

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Sun Apr 9 00:18:06 UTC 2006

On Sunday 09 April 2006 01:33, Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
> Finally, a non-OS complaint: Too many programs (>1) don't honor the
> standard (since before Win3.1, IIRC) X11 select/cut/paste scheme.
>  On one OS (Ubuntu, maybe, after I managed to find the relevent
> repo) the cut and paste was even messed up within xemacs.

Too right. I simply won't use an app that doesn't "get" middle clicks. 

> And I might as well add a KDE (and maybe GNOME) gripe: I miss the
> standard window manager function of forcing the window behind all
> others.  (I'm still trying to decide whether to learn how to
> wrangle KDE or return to my beloved fvwm2.)

You mean like System menu -> Advanced -> Keep Below Others?

There's a key binding for it on Control Center -> Regional & 
Accessibility -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Look in the Windows topic in the 
displayed tree

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