Other Distros (NOT A FLAMEWAR TOPIC!!)

Gary W. Swearingen garys at opusnet.com
Sun Apr 9 05:50:16 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon <alan at linuxholdings.co.za> writes:

>> And I might as well add a KDE (and maybe GNOME) gripe: I miss the
>> standard window manager function of forcing the window behind all
>> others.  (I'm still trying to decide whether to learn how to
>> wrangle KDE or return to my beloved fvwm2.)
> You mean like System menu -> Advanced -> Keep Below Others?

Thanks, but no; that really _keeps_ it back of others, I meant what
Peter Garrett clued me in on: the middle button on the window title
bar forces the window to the back one time.  I must not have tried
that on kubuntu after finding it rolled up the "window shade",
probably on Debian, which I used until just recently).

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