Three questions about Skippy (the program that's like Expose)

mrwolff mrwolff at
Thu Apr 6 21:19:43 UTC 2006

I just installed skippy, but unfortunately the images that it displays 
are not the correct images.  They are the correct size, but they do not 
have the right content.  The images that will appears will say all have 
firefox inside of them instead of one being gaim and one being firefox.  
Anyone know why?

Does anyone know what the keycode that skippy needs so that I can use 
the windows key instead of the default F11.  I know the keycode is 0x7d 
but that's the wrong syntax for Skippy, according to the man page it 
needs an XStringtoKeySym code.

Third, does anyone know a good way for this command to start on 
default?  What's the general Ubuntu method for making a program start up 
with Gnome?  I could use this for a few other programs

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