wxWidgets libraries in Dapper

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Thu Apr 6 20:49:10 UTC 2006

Julio Biason Wrote: 
> On 3/13/06, Otto Wyss <otto.wyss (AT) orpatec (DOT) ch> wrote:

> [color=blue]

> > I've tried out Ubuntu 5.10 and are considering to switch from Debian
> but

> > I'm curious why the wxWidgets libraries aren't included by default.

> > it's important that these libraries are available without having to

> > download them first.


> Well, probably because there isn't any applications on the default

> install that uses wxWidgets. Leaving a lib just for the good of it

> isn't a nice reason, as the main focus of Ubuntu is to offer a

> complete desktop solution in just ONE CD. So, space counts.


Sure space counts albeit this may possibly change when Xara LX enters
Ubuntu. So better be prepared to look for more space.

Julio Biason Wrote: 
> Also, now on my personal opinion, wxWidgets isn't a necessity. GTK+

> can work on multple plataforms (Windows included) and it is WAY faster

> than wx. One major application that used wx was Bittorrent and, right

> now, they are using pure GTK, even on Windows.


Yet my opinion is quite otherwise ;-) . wxWidgets apps are nowhere
slower especially not on Windows and GTK apps look let's say not native
on Windows and they aren't native on the Mac. Instead of looking at
Bittorrent look at Xara LX.

Besides free GTK apps are now around for several years but more than
50% of the Linux users still wish Windows applications
(http://www.osdl.org/dtl/DTL_Survey_Report_Nov2005.pdf), think!

O. Wyss


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