gnopernicus not speaking

Will H. Backman whb at
Thu Apr 6 17:25:18 UTC 2006

> I can't seem to get Gnopernicus to speak after loggin in or get it to 
> speak during loggin which would be better for me.
> The person helping me to get it working in Ubuntu seems to be only 
> able to get it working manually although it seems to come up, it is 
> like speech seems to be disabled even though speech has been enabled 
> at startup under the preferences.
> About 3 people have been looking at my laptop to try and get it working.
> We even tried uninstalling Gnopernicus and doing a fresh install of it 
> but still the same problem and we have even tried to disable the 
> system sounds at loggin.
> The version of Ubuntu is Breezy Badger.
> I sent some instructions to my LUG mailing list only I have been told 
> the spoken prompt loggin I sent was for Sun accessability or a mixture 
> of both and that it would be difficult to find out the specific loggin 
> settings for speech with Ubuntu.
A good way to troubleshoot gnopernicus, or an graphical application, is 
to start it from the gnome terminal.  Debugging messages will be 
displayed in the terminal window when it starts up, and the error 
messages may give you some indication of why it is not working.  
Unfortunately, there are always a lot of debugging messages even when it 
is working correctly.

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