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On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 23:37 +0200, albi at wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 23:16:32 +0200
> HC Brugmans <hcbrugmans at> wrote:
> > Again, the piont here is not openoffice, the piont is that this is a 
> > problem that bugs me greatly, and others have this or other issues too.
> > I'd like to see them discussed on the wiki page.
> > Feel free to post problems and solutions there.
> in your original email you talked about something like "full
> compatibility with ms-office formats"
> do you realise what you are asking ? afaik Microsoft has kept those
> formats closed for years and years except for the rtf-format

Microsoft software can't even open office file formats properly. And
THEY have all the docs! (Yes, new Office has bugs and problems when
opening old office files).

> therefore it was possible to create programs to be "fully compatible"
> with rtf, e.g. the wordprocessor Ted is completely focused on rtf
> i only see certain answers to your question at the moment, and that is
> to use MS-office with wine, you can install winetools, use a "supported
> by winetools" wine-version, and then install MS-office
> crossover-office is also an idea, but they ask you to pay for it 
> > The entire point is to create a page that is a safe environment for 
> > people to say "this sucks, because" or "my mother oculdn't possibly work 
> > with it, because"
> the internet is full of hate-pages already, i don't really see the need
> for space on the wiki for your idea, but feel free to post it elsewhere
> though

More productive would be to submit a patch that adjusts the
functionality, so it DOES do what you want. Just complaining about it
won't make anyone pick up vi and start coding.

- P.
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