Max Andersen max at
Sat Sep 10 22:15:26 UTC 2005

Hi all,

This thread is going nowhere, so I'll post a deroute also.

I like the idea of an ubuntu for newbies, but the ubuntuguide is for 
exactly that. post there if you find solutions for specific pakages.

for problems ,ask here, and the solutions you can add to the ubuntuguide.

I don't know why ubuntu should be accounted for another productline, but 
understand that OO is a part of Ubuntu, but you have to keep these 
things apart on a wiki with that header.

Otherwise discussions of Vi vs. vim, etc. will drown the ubuntu development.

I do hope that OpenOffice will be the leader, and others have to follow 
the open known route, instead of others trying to keep up with the MS 
closed source scumwork.

You can't ask a blind driver to follow the roads of Rome, without a map. 
And that is exactly what you ask. The OO developers has to test 
everything and do errorsearching, instead of just writing compatible 
code from an open standard. MS is now aware of this, and has released 
.NET and will try to gain what they've lost to others, in that respect.

I hope you see others viewpoints as I see yours. I won't beat on Ubuntu 
for making the best distribution in the world. Not on account of things 
that are out of their hands.

Max Andersen
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