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Sun Sep 4 18:26:34 UTC 2005

On 9/4/05, forgotten one <namelesssoldier at hotmail.com> wrote:
> First off, hi everyone.
> Here's my situation, I am at best a moderately knowledgeable Windows user
> (XP) with a relatively new desktop PC and would like to know how to 
> install
> Linux on my system.
> As I stated I'm no tech genius so I don't even know how to partition a 
> disk,
> but i know i want to keep windows. Linux is a long standing curiosity of
> mine and I would like to move away from Mr. Gates' monopoly of media. So 
> if
> any one could offer assistance with partitioning that would be peachy.
> As for an Ubuntu related question, I read the Installation Wiki, but was
> unclear of whether I need to download Ubuntu and find another source of
> Linux or whether Ubuntu would be the core. (I know it's a dumb question,
> but I have to ask.)
> Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can offer.
> Shannon Groves

Ubuntu has everything you will need for a desktop; it's an entire package 
like XP. No need to use anything extra with it.

As for partitioning, I suggest you use Partition Magic. It will let you keep 
Windows and Ubuntu on the same hard disk. Ubuntu will handle the rest, 
allowing you to dual boot.

Brian W. Dotson
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