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Vram lamsokvr at xprt.net
Sun Sep 4 18:23:03 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-09-04 at 14:08 -0400, forgotten one wrote:
> First off, hi everyone.
> Here's my situation, I am at best a moderately knowledgeable Windows user 
> (XP) with a relatively new desktop PC and would like to know how to install 
> Linux on my system.
> As I stated I'm no tech genius so I don't even know how to partition a disk, 
> but i know i want to keep windows.  Linux is a long standing curiosity of 
> mine and I would like to move away from Mr. Gates' monopoly of media.  So if 
> any one could offer assistance with partitioning that would be peachy.
> As for an Ubuntu related question, I read the Installation Wiki, but was 
> unclear of whether I need to download Ubuntu and find another source of 
> Linux or whether Ubuntu would be the core.  (I know it's a dumb question, 
> but I have to ask.)
> Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can offer.
> Shannon Groves

Well, it isn't all that complex...

And yes, Ubuntu is Linux and has everything you want.

Download the iso..<burn a cd>

Boot on the CD..

Accept default valuses..  <Ubuntu will partition itself>

And you are good to go..

Of course, back up all important data..



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