power supply and motherboard expired

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Mon Oct 31 14:30:07 UTC 2005

squareyes wrote:
> Hi all, power supply and motherboard have decided to become
> deceased, (1700 xp athlon)and am trying to get a second hand
> motherboard with the same chipset. Had intended to write everything
> to CD yesterday in preparation for installing breezy when it
> arrived, but why do today what can be done tomorrow :-)
> Am running my old 166 pent with 64 edo ram, so have to use win 98, 
> my question is , if I can't get a second hand board with the same
> chipset, is it possible to rescue the data on my drive, can't put
> it in this machine, (40 gig drive) as it will only recognise 8 gig.
> I do have an old 2.2 gig drive I could put into the rebuilt
> machine, and install Ubuntu on it, would it be possible to put the
> 40 gig drive in as slave and retrieve data that way?, still have a
> lot to learn.
> Thanks in advance for any help. Take Care Winton

Out of curiosity, how did you determine that both powersupply and
motherboard are bad?  Are you sure you didn't just lose the powersupply?

Anyway, assuming that your harddrive is intact, just install your new 
powersupply and motherboard, cable up the drive and boot.  You might 
want to enter the bios setup when you first boot up, to make sure the 
drive is correctly detected, but this should be automatic on most any 
recent motherboard.  As long as the existing Ubuntu install on your 
drive has an appropriate kernel for your cpu (eg, 386, 686, etc) you 
should be able to boot right into Ubuntu with your old drive and new 

Even if you have a different chipset on your new motherboard, the 
kernel + hotplug should detect your new hardware correctly and load 
the right modules.

Note:  if you take this "opportunity" to upgrade the graphics card, 
you might have to reconfigure X.


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