power supply and motherboard expired

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Mon Oct 31 20:58:03 UTC 2005

thanks Hans and Larry,

----- > Out of curiosity, how did you determine that both powersupply and
> motherboard are bad?  Are you sure you didn't just lose the powersupply?

Installed a new power supply, only action was power supply noise, no
video action, so tried another video card, same, then noticed condensers
on board very swollen, possibly a power surge. Have all fingers crossed
that nothing else has expired, can't afford a new machine.
Can't put Ubuntu on this old 166, could investigate Ubuntu Lite I suppose.

> Anyway, assuming that your harddrive is intact, just install your new
> powersupply and motherboard, cable up the drive and boot.  You might
> want to enter the bios setup when you first boot up, to make sure the
> drive is correctly detected, but this should be automatic on most any
> recent motherboard.  As long as the existing Ubuntu install on your
> drive has an appropriate kernel for your cpu (eg, 386, 686, etc) you
> should be able to boot right into Ubuntu with your old drive and new
> motherboard.
> Even if you have a different chipset on your new motherboard, the
> kernel + hotplug should detect your new hardware correctly and load
> the right modules.

Sounds like very good news, nothing earth shattering on the old drive
but will take a while to find the tutorials (Url's) and email addresses

> Note:  if you take this "opportunity" to upgrade the graphics card,
> you might have to reconfigure X.

Am really hoping this won't be necessary, or it may end up with an old 4 meg
card installed, (been used as a standbye before)
Again many thanks.
Take Care

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