power supply and motherboard expired

Kaiser, Hans r_2 at gmx.de
Mon Oct 31 10:54:20 UTC 2005

Hi Winston,


Yes it is possible. Just do following steps:

-          install ubuntu on a small drive

-          setup the bios not to detect your 40GB drive (disable it in the

-          load the IDE-driver for your board (which usually is done
automatically on boot). The IDE-driver will detect the drive with the
correct params.


watch with "dmesg|less" if the drive gets detected as 40GB. If so, and take
a look with fdisk on the drive. The partitions should be as you have defined


Best regards,





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Subject: power supply and motherboard expired


Hi all,

power supply and motherboard have decided to become deceased,

(1700 xp athlon)and am trying to get a second hand motherboard with 

the same chipset.

Had intended to write everything to CD yesterday in preparation for
installing breezy when it arrived, but why do today what can be done
tomorrow :-)


Am running my old 166 pent with 64 edo ram, so have to use win 98,

my question is , if I can't get a second hand board with the same chipset,

is it possible to rescue the data on my drive, can't put it in this machine,

(40 gig drive) as it will only recognise 8 gig. I do have an old 2.2 gig

I could put into the rebuilt machine, and install Ubuntu on it, would it be
possible to put the 40 gig drive in as slave and retrieve data that way?,
still have a lot to learn.


Thanks in advance for any help.

Take Care


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