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Sun Oct 30 16:31:10 UTC 2005

john levin Wrote: 
> Have you created a Postgre database, as per these instructions?

Yes, I have. I am not sure what the "bash-3.00$" stands for on this
page, though.

I have also installed the gidentd package, but didn't follow the
instructions located after it on this page, as I assumed they were not
directed towards Ubuntu users.


> As regards your query on the forum about importing filemaker
> databases:

> "Glom uses the PostgreSQL ( database backend 

> but it can not edit databases that it did not create, because it uses 

> only a simple subset of Postgres functionality."

If I populated a database with data exported from FileMaker (for
example by exporting them from FM, and importing them into PostGres,
somehow, could I then work on this data with Glom?

ad noiseam

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