New user questions

Gary Hodges fsunoles at
Thu Oct 27 18:42:21 UTC 2005

New to Ubuntu, actually Kubuntu, and have a couple/few questions.

1. I'm trying to install IDL and I think my problem is I need a full root
window, not sudo. I've executed sudo -i which looks like what I want, but
the IDL installer wants to open a GUI and that fails. In the past with Sarge
I've always used sux. I see on the Wiki that kdesu {GUIAPP} is suggested,
but when I try that nothing happens.

2. When I open Firefox I get a nastygram complaining that ubuntu-artwork is
not found. I installed that package, along with the kde artwork packages but
I still get the error. ubuntu-artwork is not in the path listed in the

3. Well, those are the first two issues off the top of my head.

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