D-Link DWL-122 USB Adapter work in Ubuntu? (Was DWL-G122)

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Thu Oct 27 18:18:53 UTC 2005

I installed Kubuntu 5.10 and have the D-Link DWL-122 (don't know
version) adapter. I used ndiswrapper that came with Breezy Badger by
installing ndiswrapper-tools in Adept.

Then obtain the driver from
ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Wireless/dwl122/Driver/; I used
dwl122_driver_102.zip. Unpack it somewhere and follow the instructions
here http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/Ubuntu;
they are for other wireless cards but work equally well with the D-Link

I never got it to work with prism2_usb/p80211 modules for linux-wlan.
So I simply renamed the modules in 
/lib/modules/kernelversion/[kernel-version]/drivers/net/wireless so
they won't be loaded.

There is one quirk with this adapter, I have to plug it in when the
kernel is loading so that the OS sets up the network interfaces
automatically. Otherwise I have to fire up a konsole and setup the
wireless settings manually. Its a pain in the butt and I haven't found
a fix that does this without having to unplug/plug the adapter.


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