About to give up(again) with Linux!

Timothy A. Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Thu Oct 27 18:36:18 UTC 2005

> About three months ago I decided to give Linux yet another try, this
> with Ubunutu..

Non-free proprietary formats cause real problems for free operating
systems.  Most commercial DVDs are encrypted and you need to essentially
break the law (DMCA) in the US to view them.  Other formats are also
closed or protected by patents, such as the Real Media formats.

Distributions such as Ubuntu choose to remain open and free, so they
cannot distribute certain applications that require license fees or
other restrictions.  The best hope for free (as in freedom) operating
systems is directing your frustrations at the content provider's choice
of formats.

[Timothy A. Holmes] 

While I agree to a point with what is being said about proprietary
systems, there are some issues in the Linux world that just MUST be

Printing just cannot be so complicated to use, and don't even get me
started on installers.  STUFF (at least the common stuff) has JUST GOTTA
WORK -- in the real world people don't have time to mess around for 5 or
6 days to be able to print or use Yahoo Messenger or whatever -- I use
linux extensively, and I love it, but I am very sympathetic with this
user, as I have on various occasions spent over 60 hours trying to get
one program running (Gsat (on a fedora box)) and about 10 hours (Yahoo
Messenger on an Ubuntu box (gaim did not have the feature that I

The at large community is not going to stand for the line of "its
better, but it will take you 10 times as long to install, and it might
not work when you do."

Please don't take this as a slam on linux, as I said, I use it and love
it (I have 7 linux servers that support my network here at work, my
laptop dual boots to Ubuntu and xp and 2 of my home machines (out of 4)
are Ubuntu), but if there is a pet peeve I have about linux, this is it

Thanks for listening


This is a tradeoff you make with free operating systems, but there are
also many benefits.  Each individual needs to make their own value
judgment when weighing the benefits and limitations.  Any choice you
make will come with restrictions.  Choose the set of options that best
fits your needs.  I just hope it will be an informed choice.

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