About to give up(again) with Linux!

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Fri Oct 28 01:54:37 UTC 2005

Mike Bird wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 11:16, Jason Straight wrote:
>> I agree with that portion. I find myself sitting at kcontrol modules that
>> won't load right all the time because of the sudo hack, amongst some
>> other small things that escape me at the moment as to why I need a root
>> pw. Most people won't care about those issues anyway - but the way
>> kcontrol acts when you try administrator mode is lame.
> Foisting the sudo gimick on an enormous collection of otherwise
> working software without any thought as to the compatibility
> issues was lame.  Newbies who might succeed in administering
> their systems through a root GUI will fail when forced to
> accomplish the same tasks through "sudo vi".
> Hopefully Kubuntu can take the lead and switch to a sane
> installation for Dapper, or at least make the sudo gimick
> optional.

I'm getting really sick of listening to this.  It's a very intelligent idea. 
Get used to it.  It's not a gimmick.  

As for the kcontrol problem itself, that was fixed months ago.  

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