lspci on dualhead VGA cards

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> Hi Liam,
> Thanks for this.
> I want to set up multiple independant users on 1 PC

My pleasure.

But.. yikes!

I have seen a number of such systems before now, usually implemented
with custom hardware. Now, I suppose, in theory, you could do it with
several standard video cards and USB cards, but I have to admit I do
not like the idea. Whereas it might be technically elegant, I can see
several problems with reliability - not least of which is the issue of
one user accidentally restarting or shutting down the host PC. This
used to happen regularly to me back in the days of non-dedicated

Also, I think it will be fiddly to setup, and fiddly complex setups
tend in my experience to be unreliable.

I much prefer the idea of thin client networks, and probably the most
elegant I've seen is the Ndiyo project with its Nivo
ultra-thin-clients. NIVO stands for network-in/video-out and the boxes
are tiny and very cheap.

Might be worth a look.


White paper:

Commercial partner developing the Nivo boxes:

News story:


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