About to give up(again) with Linux!

Jason Straight jason at jeetkunedomaster.net
Thu Oct 27 18:16:01 UTC 2005

On Thursday 27 October 2005 13:40, 'Forum Post, '@wailuku.xlogicgroup.com 
> just to say i agree with M. Shergold: i've installed Kubuntu from Ubuntu
> 5.10 (apt-get kubuntu-desktop) and it seems you need the root password
> !!!! (not the user password !) to configure some (basic) stuff...like,
> haven't the Kubuntu guys even _tried_ their own distro ? (i know you
> can set a root password with sudo passwd root but that's ot the point
> here, and btw it doesn't fix it)...there are lots of little details
> like that which make you wonder :confused:

I agree with that portion. I find myself sitting at kcontrol modules that 
won't load right all the time because of the sudo hack, amongst some other 
small things that escape me at the moment as to why I need a root pw. Most 
people won't care about those issues anyway - but the way kcontrol acts when 
you try administrator mode is lame.

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