Ubuntu and WinXP

Steve bassix at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 15:57:57 UTC 2005

On 10/26/05, Will H. Backman <whb at ceimaine.org> wrote:
> I think suggesting Linux is a risky thing.  If someone wants Linux,
> suggest your favorite distribution.  I have a tendency to just show
> people how to use Knoppix for the times that their XP machine stops
> functioning due to spyware.  Let them know that it is Linux.  If you
> push Linux on to their machine, you end up being the only support they
> have.

I think that is a good idea... and in addition, show them how to
save/load their configuration to their hard drive while using a live
cd. This way they can setup certain things like internet connection
just once and actually use the live cd for more than just a
recovery/emergency disc. This is the way I started out with Linux.
Then when the comfort level and curiosity level is higher, they will
install a distro and continue from there (even installing knoppix to
hard drive is a option)... While on this thought, a good idea is to
keep the live cd's ISO file on their hard drive, and then when booting
from the CD, enter the cheatcode that loads it from the hard drive
instead of the CD drive. This GREATLY speeds it up and makes it very

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