Ubuntu and WinXP

Will H. Backman whb at ceimaine.org
Wed Oct 26 14:31:28 UTC 2005

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> 'Forum Post wrote:
> >Ubuntu will never harm other operational system, mainly consindering
> >that WinXP keeps in another partition. Microsoft's system crashes by
> >themselves. They don't need other systems to do that.
> >
> >
> >
> >You must explain it to your neighbour, so he won't keep a bad image
> >Ubuntu in mind.
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> >
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> Hi,
> many thanks to all who replied, he won't put Ubuntu back,
> doesn't understand that Win XP is much more unstable.
> Took me quite a while to convince him to allow me to install
> it in the first place. Looks like I will just sitback and wait for the
> inevitable major problem to re-occur, and fix it again. Has happened
> before,
> will happen again. Next time will try and convince him to allow me to
> install Ubuntu without  Win XP, and give it a fair trial.
> Thanks again,
> Take Care
> Winton

I think suggesting Linux is a risky thing.  If someone wants Linux,
suggest your favorite distribution.  I have a tendency to just show
people how to use Knoppix for the times that their XP machine stops
functioning due to spyware.  Let them know that it is Linux.  If you
push Linux on to their machine, you end up being the only support they

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