buying a new AGP

Raoul raoul.erdmann at
Wed Oct 26 09:37:04 UTC 2005

> and if you're into games that much and its you're main interest on the
> dektop, then its maybe worth a shot to replace the 9200. but if you  
> use
> your desktop mainly to do 2d stuff, i _personally_ find the 2d quality
> of nvidia cards rather poor. i would stick with the old 9200 and would
> rather spend the 100 bucks for a nice dinner with the woman of  
> choice ;)
until yesterday i've had a 9800 pro(!), which gave me poor framerates  
under quake4 under opengl (it was very good under winxp, directx9),
until i changed against an relatively old nvidia FX5200 which  
performed better.

nvidia cards have better opengl support under linux..


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