buying a new AGP

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Fri Oct 14 09:43:58 UTC 2005

AA Wrote: 
> Hello, I have had such a headache installing my ATI

> Radeon 9200 and considering the fact that it is still

> producing vey poor frame rate performance, I am

> seriously considering just replacing it with a nVidia

> card.  What would be a good AGP from nVidia to replace

> this ATI Radeon?  The Radeon has 128 mb DDR Ram and

> can run 2 monitors, although I am not using them and I

> dont really plan to.  What is a good, equivalent

> nVidia AGP with good 3d performance?  

> Thanks in advance, 



What processor?  What motherboard?  Whats 'good frame rate' - 60fps in
WoW?  30fps in Quake?

Give us some info and I'm sure you'll get a heap of replies.




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