Configuring many users for NIS

Yoram Hekma yoram.hekma at
Wed Oct 26 09:30:32 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel wrote:

>I probably will soon have to configure a bunch of machines
>to run LDAP or NIS. For the sake of this email, let's assume
>it's NIS. I've done NIS for a few machines before; it
>involves pointing each machine to the same NIS server IP.
>I'd prefer not to have to do this again, and I assume I
>don't have to: there must be a way to configure many
>machines at once to use the same NIS server without manually
>configuring each one, right? What does one do?
Well, maybe I am not understanding you correctly, but if the problem is 
pointing to the NIS server, can't you just broadcast it?
I haven't really got that much experience setting up a NIS network, but 
I am using one and I have set up some small test-environments.

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