Firefox is a PIG on memory

Lionel lionelv at
Tue Oct 25 06:26:54 UTC 2005

Matt Patterson wrote:
> I have noticed that if I leave firefox open for a long time (week or 
> more) that the memory usage on my machine just steadily climbs (swap and 
> memory used). Even if there is only one firefox window open, the instant 
> I close that window I can watch my memory usage drop 300mb or more. I 
> like leaving many windows open (several per desktop with several tabs 
> each) because that is how I organize my various parrallel tasks. A way 
> to make firefox clean up after itself would be great.

Yeah it seems to still have some memory leaks.

> Any ideas?

download the source code and figure out where the memory leaks are. You 
might be able to get a profiler or something to tell you what is using 
all the memory.


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