Unable to use wi-fi on Ubuntu Hoary under WEP

Jaime Garmendia huitzilopoxtli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 18:35:35 UTC 2005

I have the same card in my laptop, and it works fine there. Because I have
to use different wireless settings at home and at work, I do the connection
via script files. Try this to see if this will work for you:

Breezy should recognize your card and start the corresponding module
automatically. To check, open a terminal and type


the response should show your card configured as ra0. If so, type:

sudo iwconfig ra0 essid "your airport ESSID"

sudo iwconfig ra0 key "your WEP key here"

(the WEP key should be entered just as it was entered in the Airport setup)

if your airport is set up as a DHCP server, type

sudo dhclient ra0

If that sequence works, then just enter the ESSID and the WEP key in the
Network Settings application. make sure that if you set your Airport to use
a hexadecimal key, you select the same type of key in the interface
properties dialog, and that DHCP is selected.

Or ... you can just put all the series of commands that worked into a script
file, and just execute it when you want the network on.



madzzoni Wrote:
> Hello there!


> I got an older Acer Travelmate 524TX LapTop with 5.10 breezy installed
> and a SMC 2635W WirelessCard in the slot.

> My access-point is an Airport-express and i have no problems using this
> for internet, if i leave it "open" without WEP-code, but when i change
> to WEB Code "on" (128 bit enc.) i cannot connect from the Acer LapTop
> anymore.

> I have typed the code with CAPS=On in the Ubuntu Network interface and
> it's present in the "etc/network/interfaces" file, but it will still
> not connect.

> Why? What do i miss?

> :(

> (Everything works, of course, perfectly with my Ibook!)
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