Ubuntu as print server

Chosechu chosechu at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 19:45:29 UTC 2005

Dear all:

The subject must have come up a hundred times I'm sure,
but I cannot find anything useful on the Net about that
topic. Simple question: how do I set up cups to be a LAN
print server?

I tried modifying /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to no avail. Lots
of redundant things here, too many ways to customize
security settings. So many actually that the only thing you
want to do in the end is disable security features completely.
Too much security killed security, it seems.

First I changed the "Listen" line to add some more, got
some errors, then reverted back to something simpler:
Port=631 and nothing else.
Setting "Allow from All, Deny from None" did not seem to do
the job either. I get no complaints but it still does not

Next I tried browsing on localhost:631.
Took me some net browsing too before I could figure out that
you need to add up some passwords specifically for CUPS with
'lppasswd'. Try as I might, I added several passwords and
users and then users/passwords to no avail. I finally got
through by making 'cupsys' member of the 'shadow' group and
log in with my own user account. Now 'cupsys' has probably
gained some ways to corrupt my system but oh well... If
anybody has some detailed insight as to why 'lppasswd' does
not work on my system?

Finally I got some administrative-like interface inside a
web browser, but strictly nothing to set up network stuff.
There is a message mentioning the use of a GUI in
Administration/Printing but this one does not have anything
about printer sharing or network configuration.

Stuck in square one. Anyone willing to point me to a simple
configuration tool or a braindead HOWTO for dummies? I am
trying to print from a Mac and the poor machine does not see
anything about my Ubuntu cups server. What should I do?

Thanks for helping
Chosechu <chosechu at gmail.com>

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