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Jhair Tocancipa Triana jhair_tocancipa at
Sun Oct 23 07:07:54 UTC 2005

'Forum Post writes:

> I've also been pulling my hair trying to figure out what happened to
> my formerly working pppoe setup under Hoary yesterday. Last week I
> had BT'ed both Breezy Live and Install CDs in preparation for
> upgrade and turns out that the Breezy Live fails with pppoe(conf) as
> well.

I had similar problems with pppoe. I solved them running pppoeconf
again. Under Breezy it adds the following lines to

| # added by pppoeconf
| auto eth0
|     iface eth0 inet manual
|     pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth0 up # line maintained by pppoeconf

My configuration under Hoary didn't contain those lines, so seems they
are now critical in order to bring the interface up.

The ppp package went through massive changes in the Hoary->Breezy
transition and, unfortunately, those changes are poorly documented
(e.g. possible regressions, etc.).

Stuff like

,----[ /usr/share/doc/ppp/chanlog.Debian.gz ]
| * Removed patch 057_pppoe-interface-change which was refused by the
|   upstream maintainer. Now users must arrange for the ethernet
|   interface used for PPPoE to be up. (Closes: #279135)

doesn't help users that much :(.



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