breezy: XKB config error on startup, keymap settings wrong

Chosechu chosechu at
Thu Oct 20 22:13:09 UTC 2005

David M wrote:
> I've now managed to upgrade from hoary to breezy, however I receive a
> (GNOME?) XKB error after I do a graphical login, and my keymap settings
> seem to be incorrect.

I had the same problem and got rid of it by doing this:
- Open keyboard preferences
- Remove US-international layout
- Close the window
- Re-open keyboard preferences
- Add US-international layout: at this point you can see why it bugged
so far. What we previously used for US-international is now offered as
US international with dead keys, and Alternative international
(previously known as us_intl). Choose both and try them out.

> What I *ought* to have is as follows:
> Keyboard is US International.
> Extended characters are entered using the 'compose' key, which I would
> like to set as <right-alt>.
> ' and " should just be themselves if the compose key is *not* pressed.
> (I don't want them to act as dead keys (I think that's the right
> terminology?)
> Can anybody offer any advice as to how I sort this mess out?
> (Right now, I'm having to remember to hit <space> after every ' and ",
> and this is /infuriatingly/ annoying when you're not expecting it.. :-( )

I have no idea how to set ' and " not to be dead keys.
Let us know if you find something.

Chosechu <chosechu at>

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