the continuing zaga of zope

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 20 16:38:37 UTC 2005

Patrick Newberry wrote:

> Inital Problem: can not login to zope/manage screen. Password or ID seem
> incorrect.
> Inital install, never brought up before.

> I then use apt-get to remove zope and then to install again.

Well, "remove" alone might do you no good.  You need to use "purge",
otherwise configuration data is kept.
> Still no question about setting password for admin.
> after install go back to :9673 and same thing.
> Using apt-get remove plone,
> then using apt-get install plone and plone-site
> it's on the install of plone-site where I get the question of setting
> admin's password.
> Boy I'm exited thinking I have it.
> But back to port 9673 and same problem
Funny that it installed on port 9673 (which is what I expected for a
Debian-based distro) because when I reinstalled everything last week, it
installed on the non-Debian default of 8081.  Perhaps the install scripts
use 8081 if  nothing else does.  I used to have a server on 8081, so
perhaps that's the difference.

Try using the username 'admin' but the password you gave to the plone-site
config.  My administrator password is definitely the one I gave in the
pre-config stage, but I was pretty sure I didn't use 'admin' for the
username - but that's what it is.

I'm really hoping you get this working, because then I have a few problems
of my own I want to bounce off you :-)

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