ALT-F2 accessing SMB://server/share - Weird quirk.

Max Andersen max at
Wed Oct 19 19:12:39 UTC 2005

Steve Kratz wrote:

>Not using simple sharing... Something I just noticed also (at work). I'm
>trying to connect to:
>machine: PENGUIN
>workgroup: WORKGROUP
>When I first connect, the initial connection comes up with an IP address
>of a domain controller on the network. Seems like SMB://server/share
>does some sort of a broadcast for a domain controller or something - no
>other reason why it'd pull up a test domain controller that I've NEVER
>done anything with.
>Once again, hitting escape let me connect to the correct machine.

I've had the same problem, and I'm speculating that it first asks the 
domain browser, because I got an old NT4 box to authenticate against, lol.

But saying ok without credentials did it for me that one time I needed 
it. I loved hoary, having a windows network icon on the desktop from day 
one, just browsing the network anonymously until needed to authenticate.

But it might have helped somwhere els.


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