Breezy upgrade question

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 18 14:09:59 UTC 2005

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:

> On 17/10/05, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> Eamonn Sullivan wrote:
>> Are you part of the Ubuntu development team?  If so, I guess it's time to
>> say goodbye.  This is the second time I've been told to shut up because
>> I'm not using Ubuntu the way it was intended, despite the fact that I've
>> only ever removed packages that are designated as removable.
> No, I'm not a developer, and I never told you to shut up. Let's please
> keep this civil. 

It's still civil.  OK, you didn't actually tell me to shut up - but you have
repeatedly told me that I'm using Ubuntu in a manner other than the way it
was intended.  I argue both that that is _not_ the case, as far as can be
told from any official documentation, and that your advice to people to
install the "standard" packages before doing any upgrade is both wrong and
harmful.  It's _far_ from the simple process you seem to think it is to do

> I really, really don't mind at all that you think the upgrade process
> is broken. 

_I_ don't - you're the one who's insisting that we can't do a proper upgrade
without installing all the standard ubuntu packages.  I've already pointed
out that breezy's been upgrading fine for me, all along, without having
either (*)ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-base installed.  Sooner or later, I'll
have to bite the bullet and do something about ubuntu-base, because I can't
go to a newer kernel, but I'll never install a *ubuntu-desktop.

> Please continue using Ubuntu any way you like. I stepped 
> into this discussion just to try and help, because I've done the
> dist-upgrade thing from Warty to Hoary and now Hoary to Breezy. That's
> all. 

As have I.

> Please take this dispute up with the developers. 

I have other issues for them, but _this_ dispute is with those, like you,
who insist that Ubuntu without the "standard" ubuntu packages is not

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