Breezy upgrade question

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 17 17:27:51 UTC 2005

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:
> Really, the level of concern I have about this could fit on the head
> of a pin. All I'm pointing out to you is that you're asking for a
> flawless upgrade of thousands of complex programs. It ain't easy. By
> suggesting that any combination of programs be flawlessly upgraded,
> you're asking for the developers to solve something that is
> essentially infinitely complex, because you want abiword and exim. All
> I said at the start is that you can expect lots of problems that way.

I disagree.  If you have a working Ubuntu system, upgrading it should
_always_ work - and, yes, I expect flawlessness.  Forcing it back to
(k)ubuntu-desktop, removing existing software, installing software that has
never worked on your system, and then reinstalling the old packages is
fraught with far more complexity.

fwiw, it's not _really_ thousands of programs - mine is only 1165 packages

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