installing Ubuntu on a machine with only dialup connection

Hodgins Family ehodgins at
Mon Oct 17 17:17:02 UTC 2005

Good morning!

> I am wondering if these packages, the ones not
> already included in the installation CD, can also somehow be downloaded
> separately into CDs (from a different computer, which has a high speed
> internet connection) and then installed on the target computer through 
> those
> CDs only.

Two ways I know of to get extra packages:
i) go here look for the packages (and 
dependencies) you want, download and install with dpkg -i (At least I think 
that's the command)
ii) using a computer with a faster internet connection: the most straigtht 
forward approach would be for your faster computer (Ubuntu based) to 
download the packages of interest via apt-get or synaptic saving the 
packages in the /var/apt/cache subdirectory. Burn the cache to a CD. Then 
follow these instructions: starting with message 



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