Hodgins Family ehodgins at
Mon Oct 17 15:28:42 UTC 2005

Good morning!

>I got my Breezy machine up and running over the weekend, and I LOVE IT


> In digging around a little bit this weekend, I could not find any type
> of firewall listed as being running

Yeah, Ubuntu "out-of-the-box" isn't supposed to need one.

> -- I am a bit leery of leaving an
> exposed machine hanging out on the broadband connection like that, so I
> was wondering where to find / how to configure the firewall for Breezy.

This link is nice for getting a script built:

Might also check out Shorewall or Firestarter. Some folks like these. If you 
want to see what "Big Brother" has to say about firewalls, cruise this list 

Good luck!


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