Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 13:34:21 UTC 2005

On 17/10/05, Tim Vaughan <talltim at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm investigating setting up an IT lab at the rehab I work at in
> London.  Most of our network admin is done by Ubuntu already (only
> exception is the router, which runs FreeBSD) and I'd like to be able
> to show that Ubuntu is a viable option for this purpose.  I've
> contacted the people at tuxlab.co.za, asking for documentation on how
> they set up their tuxlabs but with no response so far.  Does anyone
> have links to information about this - either specifically on how the
> Tuxlabs are set up or more generally on using Ubuntu in an IT
> lab/educational context?
> Thanks,
> Tim

I don't have any information on Tuxlab, per se, but I've been playing
with LTSP on Breezy this morning and I'm impressed. You might want to
take a look at it for the lab -- you just need one moderately beefy PC
and a bunch of thin clients (or any PC with or without a hard drive).
I just saw a set of four HP thin clients on sale on eBay for about
$200 (about £100) sans display, so it can be done pretty cheaply, and
you don't have to worry about LDAP or another user synchronization.


I'm in London too (well, Middlesex, which sort of counts). Let me know
if you want to try setting one up. I'd like practice on putting a
larger network together.


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