Breezy still thinks its Hoary and won't boot to gdm, kdm etc.

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Mon Oct 17 09:16:47 UTC 2005

I changed my sources to breezy, then did:
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
It seemed to go fine, no errors.

When done, I rebooted and noticed all my grub choices were still Hoary.
So I tried booting each one. All of them end up at a terminal only 
system version 5.04, can't start X.

I poked around and noticed that my changes to sources.list were gone as 
well as my backup of the hoary version I had made. Also peaked at grub 
menu.lst and noticed that it doesn't match what actually comes up at 
all. It looks like a default grub - yet I still have all my choices.
Almost seemed like I was in a ghost install, yet my custom mounts, etc 
were all there?

Any idea at all? Anyone else had anything like this happen?


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