Breezy Issues - Any Ideas

Kevin C. Smith kevin at
Sat Oct 15 01:05:54 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 19:14 -0500, Kevin C. Smith wrote:
> I upgraded to Breezy and how experience these issues on my laptop:
> 1. I log out and the screen goes blank. I can not get the screen to 
> come back. I have to result to a hard reboot to get back in. I also 
> cannot get to the other gettys ctrl-alt-f1 through f5 do not work.
> 2. Related issue I believe. From GDM login screen if I ctrl-alt-F1 
> or another other getty, I get nothing. A blank screen as above. I 
> also cannot get by to X; ctrl-alt-F7 does nothing also. I have to 
> do a hard reboot to get back to normal.

Okay, I solved both issues. For those interested the solution is 
to disable USplash by removing "splash" from /boot/grub/menu.lst. 
I don't know what the issue is here, but I don't need the 
splash anyway. 

Kevin C. Smith

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