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Dmitry Mityugov dmitry.mityugov at
Thu Oct 13 14:48:49 UTC 2005

On 10/13/05, Duncan Anderson <duncangareth at> wrote:
> The reason I am asking is that I am looking after a hybrid Windows/Linux
> environment and the backup program which runs on the Windows 2003 server
> broke the other evening when it hit a directory containing more than
> 24000 files.
> Since I am contemplating using that same backup program to backup the
> linux mail server and also since I am considering changing the setup
> from pop3 to imap (with respect to the way in which the users access
> their email), I am concerned that there may be problems ahead.
> Basically, I would like to know if I am going to run into problems over
> the number of files in a directory. (The 24000 files in the directory I
> mentioned are actually a type of email message)

24000 files in a single directory doesn't look like a limitation of
NTFS (you store those files on NTFS, right?) but rather a limitation
of that backup program, so yes, there may be a good chance that the
program has the same limitation on Linux.

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