Ubuntu in the OSDL Desktop linux survey

Max Andersen max at militant.dk
Wed Oct 12 22:34:08 UTC 2005

Alan E. Davis wrote:
> I found most of the questions are focused on what I might refer to as
> enterprize usage. I guess that's were OSDL is coming from. I am a teacher,
> use GNU/Linux in writing/typesetting everything from correspondence to
> lesson plans, and use xtide and gri to develop tide calendars (for
> example).
> In teaching, though I'd avoid "Power Point" type presentations. I hope
> more
> and more in various ways to connect microscopes and video/digital photog
> together.
> I have about given up on the survey. Good luck though.

I understood the survey as you, but that's not a bad thing. They wan't to
know our views too. If they see that 89% of the ubuntu users are
schoolteachers and homeusers (or a company with a bunch of web/mail
servers on ubuntu), this survey might be a good way to find out.

I finished the survey, only using ubuntu as I see fit. That's on my
laptop, and hopefully on our webservers within a year or so.

The main issue for me, though, is that IBM's informix only supports
(officially) RedHat and SuSE, otherwise, I would have 3 ubuntu servers
running apache/tomcat/informix in a flash. (Not that informix won't run on
Ubuntu. It's just all about support contracts...)


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