Breezy - change kernel effect on nvidia

Paul Trevethan plist at
Wed Oct 12 08:16:17 UTC 2005

Been running Breezy here now for a few weeks (fresh install, separate 
partition). It has improved rapidly to the stage that I am happy that it 
is my "live" system.

Whilst waiting for 'final' I took a conservative approach and have run 
standard '386' kernel (9). However, as I take it to 'final' in the next 
few days, I would like to install and use the '686' kernel for performance.

Now installing the kernel and associated stuff is easy enough, but I am 
sure I read somewhere that this will require a re-install of nvidia 
drivers so that they are linked to the correct kernel?

I have not been able to find a HowTo for this process anywhere. Could 
someone confirm or otherwise the changes required to nvidia stuff and 
post a simple step by step to accomplish the changes.


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