Feature Request: LDAP configuration

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 12 21:27:40 UTC 2005

Am Mittwoch, den 12.10.2005, 06:34 -0400 schrieb Zach:
> Dear SABDFL,
> I never would have considered emailing The Boss directly but since you asked...
> We are in dire need of an integrated set of tools & configuration
> utilities, and documentation for setting up an Ubuntu server as an
> LDAP backend for network based authentication, as well as a matching
> configuration utility for setting up clients to authenticate against
> the LDAP (or other--samba, nis?) server.  The configuration utilites
> needs to be tightly integrated--not grafted on as an afterthought. 
> The option of configuring the clients and the server at install time
> would be nice.  The stuff that PADL and IdealX are putting out are
> getting us by, and I'm glad it's there (and $free), but it isn't an
> enterprise-class solution.
the next release of edubuntu is aimed at school management, thus there
will also be the need for a centralised presumably LDAP based user
management tool (which should be scalable for the next release where we
target municipalities)... since we will also (hopefully) have a
community based server team with the dapper release cycle i hope that
the developer resources can be shared for such common solutions that
occur in several places in the different subsets of ubuntu we have. i
would really appreciate any kind of help and experienced hints for this
topic to make up the best solution we can for the task. feel free to
participate to make sure you get what you expect from such a tool ;)

we will work out basic specs at the next conference:

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