Thoughts/Questions After Successful Breezy Install on Mac Mini

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Oct 9 21:16:16 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-09-10 at 13:18 -0400, Bill G wrote:

> After using Linux on x86 at home rather consistently for a long time
> (since 1995),  I couldn't take the noise and heat generated by my last
> Intel box.  So, I bought a Mac Mini a few months ago.  It's small,
> very quiet, and barely warm to the touch.  The hardware's not all that
> fast, but I don't do anything that challenges it, so I don't notice
> anything. The thing sleeps most of the time. I installed Ubuntu
> specifically to see if the desktop is, subjectively, faster than OS X.
> I'll give it a thorough try, but if I'm not happy, I won't feel any
> guilt about reinstalling OS X.  (One thing I've seen already is there
> appears to be no obvious way to put the Mini to sleep.  This is a
> single click on OS X.)

While I don't have a huge experience with OS X, for the few times I have
used it, it didn't impressed me one bit.  Maybe it's because I didn't
use it long enough, or there is something more fundamental in it I don't
like.   Who knows.  But I also know that I tend to have the same
impression with systems I have used a lot more often, namely Windows and
KDE.  So maybe I have grown too much used to my Gnome setup in the last
few years, and anything else doesn't seem to be worth learning at this
point in my life.

The other sticky point for me for OS X is the price tag.  To get the
latest and greatest version of it (and Safari, and, etc), you
need to shell out 100+ $ every 18 months or so.  If you don't, then you
have something that become slowly more and more obsolete, until it is
not security supported in ~3 years.

While Ubuntu's deadlines for upgrade come more quickly (except for
Dapper next April),  at least Ubuntu is not aiming at my wallet every so
often :)

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